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Upload your floorplans in the evening and have them ready by the next morning with Baezeni’s floorplan services. Our suite of in-house apps and cloud collaboration solutions are free to use, and they will help you improve your work flow and communication as well as ensure quality and efficiency, particularly if you are a property developer or work in the real estate sector

2D floorplans


We can create both interactive floorplans and manual custom produced layouts for online publishing or print. Our operators are skilled and offer a wide variety of floorplan options. This includes simple and clean unfurnished floorplans (UF), floorplans with fixed kitchen and bathrooms (FIF), fully furnished floorplans (FF), or floorplans that are furnished as they are on the blueprints (FAI)

2D Premium

If you want that extra touch, we can offer custom-precision modeled and premium-rendered 2D floorplans with accurate furniture and materials based on photo input. This fully fitted and customized style comes with pre-selected furniture, colors, text and measurements, etc. This will be reused over and over as your unique style so that your customers can always recognize your handiwork

2D floorplans premium

3D floorplans


Unlimited variations of 3D floorplans can be delivered from UF, FIF, FAI, and FF when you select styles from a range of conveniently pre-set templates. We provide you with an online and easy-to-use review system to annotate and comment directly on the FP's and then later distribute or embed via web links

3D Premium

We can offer 3D premium plans if you’re looking for that little extra. A fully fitted and customized style, this comes with a set of selected furniture, materials, text and measurements, wall colors, projections, etc. This will be reused over and over as your style so that your customers always recognize your unique way of doing things

3D floorplans premium

3D Interactive

We can provide convenient dollhouse style 3D models that you can embed in your web page or on content portals

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